04) Mathari

Location: Mathari

Date: 05 September 2020

The Mathari settlement is synonymous with Mathari Hospital-Kenya’s largest psychiatric hospital which is in close proximity to the slum. Kiboro Primary School, a public institution was the location for our 4th mission. The local authorities had provided security and we were close to a military installation so we went about our business with full confidence that things wouldn’t go south. Though with the kind of planning that happens pre-mission we envision challenges and counter them stat! Donation recipients were punctual and enthusiastic to be on the ground. After they were handed their packages cries of “Leo tunakula chapati!” (Translated: Today we’re eating flat bread) rent the air. Old men and women blessed us from the depths of their hearts. The local authorities in usual fashion were fascinated by the youthful composition of the Nash and Friends Crew. As we left, each one in their own mind echoed Khalil Gibran’s sentiments that ‘it is when you give of yourself that you truly give’.

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