Birthday Offer

Hello, my friend,
I see your birthday is coming up. Happy birthday in advance.
I am sure you do know me already from my activities here.

If you don’t, my name is Naomi Kaburu, the founder of Nash and Friends Hands of Compassion, a
registered 501c3 actively working to provide orphan kids in Kenya food and education to enable
them to live healthily and build successful careers.
We are presently on a mission to feed and educate a minimum of 100 orphan children over the
next year.

Rather than just allow your birthday to pass or stressfully plan the logistics of visiting an
orphanage all by yourself, we can help you make it memorable for you from the comfort of your

By sponsoring the food and education of just one orphan over the next year, we get to send you a
birthday souvenir branded by our organization to you, a birthday shoutout across our different
social media platforms, and a specialized recorded birthday song from our orphan children in
Kenya to you during our next mission.

You can take it a step further and sponsor as many children as you are blessed and led to give.
To feed and educate a child over the next year cost only $500, far less than what we spend on
groceries in a month.

To make your birthday memorable, here’s what you can do;

1. Sponsor a child

2. Share our birthday fundraising template on your timeline for family and friends to contribute

The birthday donations you raise will change the lives of children, so they make it to their next birthday. (And the next, and the next!) See how one small act from you can change the future of children in need.

Use the link below to make a one-time donation and a template will be provided to you after
donating to paste on your pro le to raise support from among your network to support these
children for your upcoming birthday.

If you have any questions, simply schedule a convenient time to discuss and I will be glad to
provide you with all the answers you seek.

Happy Birthday in Advance once again my friend,
Naomi Kaburu Founder, Nash and Friends Hands of Compassion Inc.

Naomi Kaburu, Founder, Nash & Friends, Hands of Compassion, Inc.