12) Spring valley children’s center

Location: Kayole

Date: 9th August 2021

On Saturday August 7th, the children of Spring Valley were blessed by a special visit of a local Kenyan team named NASH and friends. This team was formed to assist and bless slum dwellers during this perilous times of the pandemic. The team was brought to Spring Valley by one of their team mates named Lillian and they were such a blessing to the school and children.

The team really surprised us because we thought they were just coming for a visit but they not only visited but brought a hundred bags of groceries for the school and children. Each bag contained, cooking oil, maize flour, self-rising flour, sugar, tea leaves, rice, beans and sanitary towels. It was a huge surprise for the school and children and we truly saw the hand of God on Saturday. For strangers to just show up and give the children and school free food baskets for free just like that is truly a miracle.

The children were not only blessed with food baskets but the team also served the children breakfast and lunch, danced with them and taught them the word of God. 

We here at Spring Valley cannot express enough gratitude to you NASH and friends for your kindness, generosity and the love you showed us and the children of spring valley. It was so moving to see fellow Kenyans taking care of the poor and needy in society and bringing a smile to a child in spring valley who has had very little to smile about in their short lives.

May the Lord truly bless each one of you in a mighty way for making great things happen in Spring Valley Kayole!!

Report by,Margaret Nderi on behalf of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga

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